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“Nike热雪攻城”连城赛总决赛照片!!/ Pics from the Nike Snow Jam Finals!!

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the face of a winner

本周六,中国北京朝阳公园内,在经历了一场眼花缭乱,激情四溅的争夺之后,来自中国的滑手Andrew终于荣登冠军宝座,捧走”Nike热雪攻城” 总决赛冠军奖杯。当天下午的整场比赛分为两部分,来自全国各地的共16名顶尖滑手使尽浑身解数,都拿出了看家本事为了赢得众裁判的赞赏出线淘汰赛。在淘汰 赛中,Andrew,张伟,Jay,Kuso,Victor和Stepan都做出了许多高难度动作,顺利出线,进入当晚的最终决赛。激烈的比赛,选手们眼 花缭乱的表现,现场Skullcandy的热烈音乐伴奏,免费的热巧克力和无数礼品都让比赛现场的观众热血沸腾,名副其实的”热血攻城”。俄罗斯团队实力 雄厚,Stepan以一个360上downrail赢得决赛第三名,另一名选手Victor更是以他downrail上的全能完美表现最终赢得第二名,冠 军Andrew绝对是铁杆领域的劲霸小兔子,正脚反脚的表现都可谓是标杆经典动作,尤其是downrail上270上,和180上,360下,和任何道具 任何动作的270下,干脆利落,给裁判们留下了深刻的印象。比赛最终,Andrew荣登冠军宝座,捧得 15,000现金回家,当然,还有下个月前往奥地利Nike Chosen 总决赛的机会!恭喜我们的哥们儿Andrew!!

andrew with place #2 victor, place #3 stepan and all times rail hero justin benne


In spectacular fashion, Andrew Wang battled his way to the top of the podium to take home first at the Nike Snow Jam Finals held in Chaoyang Park of Beijing, China this Saturday. The competition featured two afternoon heats with the country’s top 16 rail riders pushing to impress the judges with their top tricks in order to make it through to the evening’s finals. The heats saw Andrew Wang, Zhang Wei, Wang Lei, Jay, Kuso, Victor and Stepan throwing down some serious bangers on the setup to make it through, much to the delight of the huge crowd that turned out to be entertained not only by the riding but with hot chocolate, Skullcandy beats and some sweet prize tosses. The Russian contingent were riding strong, Stepan earning 3rd place with a 360-on to the downrail in his tricklist, while Victor placed 2nd with a wide array of technical tricks on the downrail. It was Andrew Wang however who reigned king of the rails, showing class with some banger tricks thrown down both regular and switch, including a huge 270-on to tailpress on the downrail, a 180-on hardway 360 off, 270-offs in every way imaginable and some stylish presses and combos. Andrew finished first and 15,000 RMB richer, with a ticket to the Nike Chosen Finals in Austria next month – nice one bro!

all star judge team: ishi from japan (he for example judged the first a&s), marco 哥, liz from korean snowboard association and justin benne

zhangwei with his brand new 12/13 nike jkt. and me…i am drinking water from now on hehe

zhangwei dropping some hammers in his new outfit

haitao moved up for injured liuli. brother did well. tailpress bs 180 out here.

andrew with something i don’t know it was. he basically did all tricks in the book. ALL of them.

HOT hehe

shenyuan on fire ones again. representing dongbei good!

i don’t know why Qiancheng always calls me “好老外” (that kinda pisses me off) but i call him 好东北人 now cauz i am sure most of the tricks he did that day he never did before. good riding brother!

xfox sending one down for the crowd. 

justin f-ing bennee! best guy on the planet. he was all “wow” when he saw the kids killing it. yeah…chinese can shred rails…thats for sure!

kick ass setup in the middle of beijing. what a cool event and i am not saying that cauz we where involved. 

one more andrew shot…with justin. drinking. 

SEE U NEXT YEAR with an even bigger tour people!



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